[HOT] AMC MCQ Recalls November 2018

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Solved recalls is a widely proven method to prepare for AMC MCQ exams, it works for many doctors. In other words, a minimum last 5 years to a maximum of 10 years is the recommended amount of past recalls to focus on. It will give you a hang of the pattern of questions! Meanwhile, AMC MCQ Recalls November 2018 is the latest recalls we have and it is highly recommended to start with this one!

Australian Medical Council (AMC) MCQ Recalls November 2018

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1 Pt. had a fracture of hand, used under elbow splinter. What is the first sign that tells you cast is tight?
A Pain
B paresthesia
C yellow discoloration
D paralysis

2 Pt. after transurethral resectomy , what complication he could have?
A infertility
B retrograde ejaculation

3 Female had lost her baby at 41 week of gestation, weighted 4.2 kg. this time come to you at 14 week of gestation. What will you investigate?
D urine D/R

4 78 Y old pt. with Alzheimer from 3 years , now bed wetting, when he went to market yesterday he started urinating inside of market in a plant pot . Diagnosis was asked
B Normal at this age
C worsening of Alzheimer
D Agoraphobia

5 Old recall, lady in burqa come for routine check up , everything is normal what will you check further
A vit. D
B serum calcium
C Dexa scan

6 Nurse shouting in ward, when you enter there she started wrapping BP apparatus around her neck
What his action indicating
1 depressing
2 panic attack
3 suicidal attack

7 Old recall , son beating mother , also went to jail many times what will you check in history to diagnosis
A parent divorce in young age
B bad in study
C throwing petrol on dog to burn it

8 Pt with visual field defect left eye outer side right eye inner side where is damage
A Rt. optic n.
B Rt optic tract
C Lt. optic tract
D Rt optic radiation
E right occipital lobe

9 What is the diagnosis

amc mcq recalls 2018

A pleural effusion
B hemothorax
C malignancy

10 A pt of 70 y old came with fever and pain in left lower quadrant , CT was done

amc mcq recalls 2018

What is diagnosis
A Mesenteric ischemia
B Diverticulitis
C gastroenteritis

11 ECG of sinus bradycardia , what will you give
A atropine
B Amiodarone
C epinephrine

12 ECG of supraventricular tachycardia, asked for treatment
A adenosine (1st choose A if no A then B)
B verapamil
C beta blocker

13 Pt of mild SIADH asked for treatment
A limit water to 1.5 L per day
B spironolactone

Pt. of pericarditis asked for treatment
A Antibiotic
B Naproxen sodium
C Paracetamol

15 What complication he can get in future

amc mcq recalls 2018

A Cancer
B Infection
C fistula

16 Nodal enlargement in Post. Triangle what will you do
C excisional biopsy

17 A female of middle age could not move her legs , same happened few years before . all tests performed were normal what is the diagnosis
A Conduct disorder
B conversion disorder
C somatoform disorder
D hypochondriasis

18 You have given omeprazole to a wrong pt. what will you do?
A Ask for sorry , it was your mistake
B tell him it is good for your stomach
C enter in his record file
D don’t tell him and do nothing

19 A question was asked in which normal mile stones of a baby of 2 y were written and asked
A normal development
B growth delay
C congenital problem

20 A young boy came for third time for ingrowing nail , picture was shown with wedge resection but he was also having fungal infection of nail in picture now what will you do
A anti fungal
B wedge resection
C Analgesic

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